Welcome to the first Minneapolis Bitdevs. Big thanks to our host Ostra Cybersecurity for providing the space. This meetup will be run in the format of a Socratic Seminar, inspired by other Bitdevs Socratic Seminars across the country.



In Minneapolis, we already have a great meetup at O’Shaughnessy Distillery once a month. What is different about this meetup?

The goal of this meetup is to foster technical discussion about Bitcoin and Bitcoin related protocols. Our regular meetup is great, but sometimes is difficult to have more in depth technical discussions about Bitcoin. Bitdevs Socratic Seminar meetups have more structure - there will be an agenda of topics and hosts to guide discussion around these topics. The conversation will be technical, but you do not need to be a software engineer or developer to participate. Bitcoiners of all backgrounds are encouraged to attend.

This is not intended to be a presentation with the hosts simply presenting the content. The goal is to foster discussion and encourage questions. If you have a topic you’d like to discuss, please ask!


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